Thursday, 21 March 2013

Anti-Aging Green Tea Rinse

It is common knowledge that drinking green tea is good for you. It has many different antioxidants in them, plus they are beneficial to help keep one from aging.

But do you know that you can also nourish your skin from the outside by doing a green tea rinse?

What to do:
  • Steep as many tea bags as needed in boiling water.
  • Allow to cool
  • After having your bath, rinse you body from head to toe with the green tea.
  • Allow to air dry. Do not towel dry.

~ Neni ~


  1. hi Neni.
    This is kinda off-topic.
    Can i add the carrot paste to my body butter without honey & lemon. Zinna mentioned it. Was wondering what she meant.
    Tanx a bunch.

    1. Hi,
      Yes, you can but add the boiled carrot paste to a little oil and leave untouched for 2-3 days before mixing with your body butter.

    2. tanx hun! Will do.
      Can u write a post on 'how to make carrot & coconut oil'?
      My attempts have been utter failures!
      Tanx a bunch.

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