Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Cucumber Oily Skin Facial Mask

This is for my oily-faced brethren not excluding yours truly...:)

You'll need:

Half of a cucumber
1 egg white
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
2 mint leaves (scent leaves)

  1. Puree all ingredients in a blender. 
  2.  After the ingredients have been blended, place them into the fridge so that mixture can be chilled. 
  3. Apply the mixture to your face and leave it on for 20 minutes. 
  4.  Remove the facial mask with warm water and finish washing off with cool water. 
Do this three times a week and see the difference in a month, I promise!!

Random fact: I looooove cucumber. 

Yum yum!

*licks lips*

¬ Neni ¬


  1. Neni has done it again! :). I shall try it tomorrow morning in fact. I am tired of this my oily face biko! And need to use up all those mint leaves I bought before it wilts in my fridge.

  2. Hey Neni, I've been meaning to ask- there are so many home-made facial treatments I would love to try but with some like this one, recommended for up to three times a week, and the other one with the eggs for facial tightening recommended for once a week, how does one get in all these treatments without overloading the skin with treatments, as I have read/heard that doing this can have an adverse effect. What in your opinion, is a good skin care regime, utilising all these wonderful treatments? I have oily skin by the way.

    1. Hi, Modele!
      Yes, you're right.
      The best thing to do is to decide what you want for your face; e.g.
      This cucumber is specifically for oily skin so, you use it on three
      non-consecutive days of the week. The egg mask was recommended to be
      done once a week. You can do that on a day that you won't be doing
      anything to your face.
      Another example: If someone else has dry skin as well as sunburnt
      skin, they will use a mask for dry skin such as the avocado one thrice
      a week as stated earlier and lime and milk mask on the other 3 week
      days which leaves a seventh day to allow your face rest.

      I hope I made sense...?

    2. Neni deary please recomend a soap for me. I need a soap that wil smoothen my face, remove pimple and also lighten me a bit. Not d one that wil darken me. Txz lv muaaaa

    3. Hi!
      Try any of these:
      Black Opal Facial Soap, Neutrogena facial Soap or Delta Soap.

    4. Neni Oº°˚˚°ºoo, pls prescribe a natural remedy that wil make my breast firm. I notice that my breast that was round and firm started sagging, what could av caused it and pls wht is D̶̲̥̅̊ remedy. Txz lv

    5. Neni gud morning, pls you only posted my question of 18th feb. here without reply. I ask about natural way to get back my round and firm breast back. Am a young girl. Txz dear

    6. Hi!
      I'm sorry, I can't help in this case. I haven't found anything at the moment but when I do, I will post it on the blog.

    7. Tx Ɣøû Neni, wil wait for d post

  3. Hi Neni, I will definitely try this. But i need to find out if this product are good for my face i bought Eden apricot scrub and Nutrogena 2 in 1 cleanser fight and fade cleanser. the content is orange in colour. I use the cleanser @ nite nd the scrub in d morning.

    1. Yes, they're both good products.
      You shouldn't use the scrub every day, it will destroy your skin.
      Instead use it, 2 - 3 times a week.

  4. Neni pls can this recipe be stored in the refrigerator? If yes, for how long?

  5. Hi,neni pls is there any beauty recipies for a year baby too tnks

    1. Hi!
      What exactly would you like to know?